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OAK.178   Oakley Tab 2 T-Shirt
OAK.058   Oakley Tab Tee
OAK.172   Oakley Transition Polo
OAK.163   Oakley Uniform Baselayer Top - Jet Black
OAK.148   Oakley Utility Pants
ORC.120   Orca Industries “I Swear” Citizen’s Oath Patch
ORC.123   Orca Industries Captain America Heater Shield Patch
ORC.106   Orca Industries Domokun Patch
ORC.110   Orca Industries Don’t Drone Me Bro! Patch
ORC.115   Orca Industries Ghosts Unit Patch
ORC.105   Orca Industries Right 2 Bear Arms Patch Set
ORX.150   Outdoor Research Airpurge Dry Comp Sacks
ORX.111   Outdoor Research Ironsight Gloves
ORX.117   Outdoor Research Lumen Balaclava
ORX.151   Outdoor Research Lumen Beanie
ORX.114   Outdoor Research Lumen Liners
ORX.152   Outdoor Research MultiCam Radar Pocket Cap™
ORX.103   Outdoor Research Ninjaclava
ORX.112   Outdoor Research Option Balaclava
ORX.113   Outdoor Research PL 100 Gloves
ORX.153   Outdoor Research Skullsaver FR Beanie
ORX.108   Outdoor Research Wind Pro® Hat
PAC.100   PACT Club Timer III
AMR.315   Paraclete ESAPI LX IIIA Plate Backer - Kevlar (Sold Individually)
PAR.105   Paraclete LVBC (Low Vis BALCS Carrier), SKD Exclusive
PAR.106   Paraclete SOHPC - SKD Spec
PZL.101   Petzl Caritool Tool Holder
PZL.301   Petzl e+LITE Emergency Headlamp
PZL.102   Petzl Large Caritool Tool Holder
PZL.375   Petzl Spirit Noir Carabiner
PZL.350   Petzl STRIX IR
PZL.305   Petzl STRIX VL Headlamp
PZL.360   Petzl TACTIKKA +
PZL.302   Petzl TACTIKKA Headlamp (E46*)
PIG.112   PIG 1" Web Pigtail for Drop-Slider™ Sling
PIG.520   PIG 6" x 6" Plate Accessory Strap Kit
PIG.512   PIG AFC Pontoon Set (2 Pads) [SYSTEMA]
PIG.722   PIG Aimpoint PRO Cover
PIG.673   PIG All-Molle UCR
PIG.519   PIG Armor Kit Bag (AKB)
PIG.801   PIG Billowed Utility Pouch (BUP)
PIG.711   PIG Bomber Magazine Pouch - Double
PIG.710   PIG Bomber Magazine Pouch - Single
PIG.527   PIG Brig CR Harness [SYSTEMA]
PIG.675   PIG BRIG CR, 3 Mag, 7.62 [SYSTEMA]
PIG.672   PIG BRIG CR, All-Molle [SYSTEMA]
PIG.614   PIG Brig CR-LB (Load Bearing) Harness [SYSTEMA]
PIG.513   PIG BRIG Shoulder Pad Set [SYSTEMA]
PIG.615   PIG BRIG Soft Armor Backer Sleeve [SYSTEMA]
PIG.401   PIG Brigandine Plate Carrier, Front + Molle Rear [SYSTEMA]
PIG.400   PIG Brigandine Plate Carrier, Front + Slick Rear [SYSTEMA]
PIG.521   PIG CR H-Harness Kit
PIG.522   PIG CR-UTV-MS Upgrade Straps
PIG.110   PIG Drop-Slider™ Sling, Mk-1
PIG.111   PIG Drop-Slider™ Sling, Mk-2 (Bungee)
PIG.611   PIG Elastic Cummerbund Sleeve [SYSTEMA]
PIG.703   PIG Eyepro Sack
PIG.700   PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Alpha & Alpha Touch Gloves
PIG.671   PIG gRUNT Large Frame Sheet
PIG.516   PIG gRUNT Modular Pack [SYSTEMA]
PIG.670   PIG gRUNT Modular Pack, Large [SYSTEMA]
PIG.113   PIG HK Hook Pigtail for Drop-Slider™ Sling
PIG.503   PIG Hydration Carrier, 2L [SYSTEMA]
PIG.515   PIG Hydration Carrier, 3L [SYSTEMA]
PIG.504   PIG Kangaroo Pouch Mag Insert (KPMI)
SKD.411   PIG Logo Patch
SKD.406   PIG Logo Sticker
PIG.517   PIG Mk-1 Shoulder Straps
PIG.514   PIG Molle Side Plate Carrier Set (MSPC)
PIG.668   PIG Mollevella (UCR Bib)
PIG.581   PIG Oink Oink T-Shirt (2013)
PIG.583   PIG Oink Oink T-Shirt (2013), Women's
PIG.502   PIG Plate Carrier
AMR.107   PIG Plate Carrier Cummerbund Soft Armor Insert Set (2), Dyneema
AMR.105   PIG Plate Carrier Cummerbund Soft Armor Insert Set (2), Kevlar
PIG.201   PIG Plate Carrier Elastic Cummerbund (PIG-PC-CBE)
PIG.207   PIG Plate Carrier G-Hook Double D-Ring Kit (PIG-PC-GH-DD)
PIG.206   PIG Plate Carrier G-Hook Side Release Buckle Kit (PIG-PC-GH-SRB)
PIG.205   PIG Plate Carrier Load Integration Kit (PIG-PC-LIK)
PIG.208   PIG Plate Carrier Soft Armor Compatible Molle Cummerbund
PIG.114   PIG QD Swivel Pigtail for Drop-Slider™ Sling
PIG.669   PIG Rifle Stock Pack
PIG.518   PIG RUNT Frame Sheet
PIG.702   PIG Runt Urban Pack
PIG.204   PIG Side Plate Carrier for Molle Cummerbund (PIG-PC-SPC-CBM)
PIG.674   PIG SMS (Swift Mechanical Support) Sling
PIG.613   PIG Sternum Strap
PIG.580   PIG Tap Rack T-Shirt (2013)
PIG.582   PIG Tap Rack T-Shirt (2013), Women's
PIG.667   PIG UCR (Universal Chest Rig)
PIG.665   PIG UCR Hardware Field Replacement Kit
PIG.720   PIG Universal Sling Pad (USP)
ocso2   PLEO
AMR.314   Point Blank SPEAR BALCS Soft-Armor Insert, NIJ IIIA (0101.06 Spec) / HIGH VEL FRAG, Kevlar (Front/Back Set)
HPD.102   Police Patch, Sew On
HPD.103   Police Patch, Velcro Back
AMR.312   PPE Level IV ICW Plate + Point Black Soft Armor IIIA Backer Package
AMR.305   PPI Med ESAPI-Shaped Level III, Special Threat Plate (Limited Availability)
PRI.104   PRI Charging Handle Big Latch, Combat
PRI.101   PRI Charging Handle Big Latch, Military
PRI.102   PRI M-84 Gas Buster Charging Handle w/ Big Latch (AR15/M16/M4)
PRI.105   PRI M-84 Gas Buster Charging Handle w/ Combat Latch (AR15/M16/M4)
PRI.103   PRI M-84L Gas Buster Charging Handle (AR10/SR25)
PCN.130   Princeton Tec Charge MPLS
PCN.140   Princeton Tec Charge Pro MPLS
PCN.160   Princeton Tec EOS Tactical MPLS
PCN.150   Princeton Tec Fred
PCN.162   Princeton Tec Quad Tactical
PCN.120   Princeton Tec Remix Pro
PCN.110   Princeton Tec Remix Pro MPLS
PCN.115   Princeton Tec Remix Pro MPLS (White LED)
PRODEAL51   Pro-Deal DK
PRODEAL2   Pro-Deal Foam
PRODEAL11   Pro-Deal GSG9
PRODEAL50   Pro-Deal MSD
PRODEAL10   Pro-Deal Randall
PRODEAL4   Pro-Deal Sacote
PRODEAL12   Pro-Deal ST18
PWS.105   PWS CQB Comp, 5.56 Flash Suppressing Compensator
PWS.109   PWS Enhanced Buffer Tube, Mil-Spec
PWS.101   PWS FSC30 Flash Suppressing Compensator
PWS.102   PWS FSC47 Flash Suppressing Compensator
PWS.103   PWS FSC556 Flash Suppressing Compensator
PWS.108   PWS Triad Flash Suppressor, 30 Caliber
PWS.107   PWS Triad Flash Suppressor, 5.56
RNR.051   Rainier Arms Forged Mil-Spec Stripped Upper Receiver
RNR.050   Rainier Arms Raptor™ Ambidextrous Charging Handle
RET.103   RE Factor R.A.T.S. Tourniquet
RET.101   RE Factor Tactical Blasting Cap
RET.102   RE Factor Tactical Operator Band
RDT.116   Ready Tactical 762 PMAG Ambi Speed Mag Pouch
RDT.110   Ready Tactical AR15 Ambi Speed Mag Pouch
RDT.301   Ready Tactical Gladius Light Pouch
RDT.203   Ready Tactical Holster
RDT.111   Ready Tactical M14/FAL Ambi Speed Mag Pouch
RDT.112   Ready Tactical Moon Clip Holder
RDT.103   Ready Tactical Pistol Mag Pouch
RDT.117   Ready Tactical Pro Grade 762 PMAG Ambi Speed Mag Pouch
RDT.115   Ready Tactical Pro-Grade AR15 Ambi Speed Mag Pouch
RDT.114   Ready Tactical Pro-Grade Pistol Mag Pouch
RDT.204   Ready Tactical USPSA Production Master
RHI.101   Rhino Laces
RIR.101   Rite in the Rain All-Weather Pen Refill (fits all)
RIR.102   Rite in the Rain All-Weather Tactical Bullet Pen Black
RIR.103   Rite in the Rain All-Weather Tactical Clicker Pen
RIR.207   Rite in the Rain Cordura Cover 3"x 5" (Tan/Multicam)
RIR.202   Rite in the Rain Cordura Cover 4 5/8" x 7 1/4" (Tan/Multicam)
RIR.208   Rite in the Rain Cordura Cover 4"x 6" (Tan/Multicam)
RIR.215   Rite in the Rain Kit 935M-KIT: MultiCam Cover, 3" x 5" Notebook & No. 97 Pen
RIR.209   Rite in the Rain Kit 935T-KIT: Tan Cover, 3" x 5" Notebook & No. 97 Pen
RIR.201   Rite in the Rain Tactical Field Book 4 5/8" x 7 1/4"
RIR.205   Rite in the Rain Tactical Pocket Notebook 3"x 5"
RIR.206   Rite in the Rain Tactical Pocket Notebook 4"x 6"
ocso1   RPAR
SOT.200   S.O.Tech ESP (Expanding SERE Pack)
SOT.502   S.O.Tech Go Bag
SOT.506   S.O.Tech Go Bag Extended
SOT.250   S.O.Tech MACTAC Pack
SOT.510   S.O.Tech Mission Go Bag
SOT.501   S.O.Tech Padded Insert for Go Bag Extended (SGBI-X)
SOT.513   S.O.Tech Sling Bag
SOT.102   S.O.Tech VIPER Flat IFAK Pouch
SOT.260   S.O.Tech Viper Flat IFAK Pouch, Basic
SAL.102   Salomon XA PRO 3D GTX
SAL.101   Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra 2 GTX
SHB.125   Shellback Tactical Banshee Rifle Plate Carrier
SHB.130   Shellback Tactical Banshee Shoulder Pads
SKD.808   SKD Bag of Dicks
RDT.209   SKD Belt Claw IWB-1 Holster
SKD.710   SKD Ben Ghazi T-Shirt
SKD.415   SKD Benghazi PVC Patch
SKD.721   SKD Benghazi Sticker
SKD.412   SKD Come At Me Bro Patch
SKD.301   SKD Daisy Poster, NSFW (Nudity)
SKD.102   SKD Enhanced Combat BDU Pant
SKD.104   SKD Enhanced Combat BDU Shirt, MultiCam® / Ripstop Version
SKD.470   SKD Enhanced Combat BDU Shorts
SKD.418   SKD Fade Into Bolivian Patch
SKD.106   SKD Gen 2 Enhanced Combat BDU Pant
SKD.716   SKD Gonoherpasyphilaids Patch
SKD.813   SKD Gonoherpasyphilaids T-Shirt
SKD.806   SKD Hello My IG Name Is Patch
SKD.810   SKD Hello My IG Name Is T-Shirt
SKD.350   SKD Logo with Flag T-Shirt, Women's
SKDMCS   SKD MultiCam Christmas Stocking
SKD.416   SKD NY Unsafe PVC Patch
SKD.720   SKD NY Unsafe Sticker
SKD.715   SKD NY Unsafe T-Shirt
SKD.809   SKD Obiwan Kenobi Patch
SKD.404   SKD Pussy Wagon Patch
SKD.405   SKD Sleazy Button Morale Patch
SKD.414   SKD Strike Hard Cobra Kai Patch
SKD.203   SKD Tactical Ball Cap, Downrange Model

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