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CTS 7290T / 7290MT Mini-Flashbang Training Kit
CTS 7290T / 7290MT Mini-Flashbang Training Kit
CTS 7290T / 7290MT Mini-Flashbang Training Kit



Product Code: CTS.102

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CTS 7290/ 7290MT Mini-Flashbang Training Kit

CTS 7290MT Mini-Flashbang Training Kit - Specs


Model Number Configuration Overall Height Total Weight Flash Ports Thread
Flash-Bang Training Body, Blue w/ Left Handed Thread 6" 550 gm (19.4oz) 10 top & 10 base N/A
Flash-Bang Training Body Mini, Blue w/ Left Handed Thread 5.375" 420 gm (14.oz) 10 top & 10 base N/A

The new Model 7290T & 7290MT training system provides an excellent training device. It is built and weighs exactly the same as our Model 7290 Flash-Bang, but has no flash charge. The 7290T & 7290MT body is painted with a bright blue coating, and it can be used an unlimited number of times. The M201FB fuze for this system has 10 times the output of a normal M201 fuze and it is threaded with a left hand thread so it can not be accidentally used in any other munitions. The Model 7290T & 7290MT produces an output of about 120db. The base contains a standard 3/8-16 UNC thread at its center allowing attachment of numerous accessories, including: Clamp, Stake, Eye Bolt or Magnet.

We have a considerable amount of experience dealing with NFDDs from domestic and overseas manufacturers, and the CTS Flashbang system is simply the best available for Law Enforcement use. The 7290T Training Kit offers an economical means of training without exposing your officers to unnecessary hearing and overpressure damage. The left-hand thread means there is no chance for mix-ups with fuzes. This training system requires no ATF approval, and is available for immediate shipping on Agency Purchase Order.

SKD Tactical is an authorized CTS (Combined Tactical Systems) distributor for the Northeast Region. Please direct all LE/Mil inquiries for products and training to lesales@skdtac.com. CTS products are only available for LE/Mil Purchase Order.
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