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When Crye MultiCam® first came on the scene, SKD Tactical was there to start offering Crye MultiCam® gear when no one else had it. Taking a page from the "Go Big" playbook, we went to the next level by offering a cost-effective Berry Compliant MultiCam® BDU Set, comprising of Crye MultiCam® Pants and 6 innovative variants of a BDU MultiCam® Shirt -- this was when the only other option was the Crye Precision MultiCam® uniforms that were 2-3x's the price.

Today, we see a bevy of MultiCam® ACU style uniforms from brands that manufacture overseas, but the performance and pride-in-ownership won't hold a candle to owning a pair of US-Made Crye MultiCamŽ BDU clothes from SKD Tactical. Made from Genuine US Crye MultiCamŽ NYCO Ripstop Fabric from Duro Industries, the resulting SKD MultiCam BDU items are comfortable, long-lasting, functional, affordable, and Near-IR Compliant, for when you don't want to "stand out" under night vision. At SKD Tactical, Made in USA still means something, and when it comes to Crye MultiCam® products, we are proud to deal with Genuine US MultiCam®.

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SKD Gen 2 Enhanced Combat BDU Pant SKD Gen 2 Enhanced Combat BDU Pant
List Price: $80.00
Our Price: $80.00

SKD Enhanced Pant BDU SKD Enhanced Combat BDU Pant
Our Price: $74.00