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EOTech HWS Sights

Fastest Sight for Target Acquisition
The EOTech HWS (Holographic Weapon Sight) is renowned for its speed and represents the fastest reticle to target acquisition sighting system in the world. The EOTech 65MOA ring allows the eye to acquire the image faster than any single dot or solid image. This allows users to move the sighting image (reticle) onto the target faster, with less time spent searching for the sighting image. At the same time, the 1 MOA dot in the center of the reticle is a very small image which allows for precise shot placement.

EOTech Holographic Sight Advantage
Other scopes and sights are no longer functional if glass is damaged. With an EOTech hologram the reticle image is recorded in every particle of the glass. If the EOTech sight glass is shattered or covered with debris the EOTech sight is still fully functional. Zero, point of aim & point of impact are maintained and the operator can engage with confidence.

2 Eyes Open Shooting
Other sights limit your field of view and eliminate your peripheral vision. EOTech Sights allow you to keep both eyes open because the EOTech sight isn’t limited by eye relief. Looking through the large rectangular window with both eyes open you maintain your peripheral field of view. This is essential in military and law enforcement where knowing what’s going on around you can mean the difference between life or death.

EOTechs are Night Vision Compatible
The EOTech Field-of-View is more than twice as wide as “red dot” competitors, this allows for easier alignment with head-mounted NVDs and EOTech's larger Circle/Dot reticle makes the target easier to find. This EOTech system is completely passive which means that no light will be omitted to give away your position to the “other guy”. The Operator will remain undetectable.

EOTech Power Source Protection
EOTech sights are programmable with auto shut offs after 4 or 8 hours of operation from the time the last adjustment is made. EOTech sights have a low battery indicator. When the EOTech sight is powered up the reticle will pulse then return to normal. This will happen when the battery life is below 20%. Depending on the sight this is the equivalent of 120-240 hours of remaining battery life.