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*CL* Emdom 308 Immediate Access Pouch (IAP)
Emdom 308 Immediate Access Pouch (IAP)
Emdom 308 Immediate Access Pouch

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Emdom 308 Immediate Access Pouch (IAP)

Emdom-MM 308 Immediate Access Pouch (308 IAP) is the latest collaboration between Emdom USA and MM at militarymorons.com. The 308 IAP is a MOLLE compatible, low profile, truly open-top magazine pouch designed for most .308 rifle magazines. The 308 IAP offers immediate / unrestricted one-handed access of a magazine, multi-level mounting (high, medium, low) on a belt / MOLLE platform, and one-handed insertion of the magazine into the pouch. The 308 IAP fits FN FAL, M14 / M1A, Magpul PMAG 20LR, SCAR 17 (heavy), KAC SR-25 and other similar magazines. It will not fit HK91 magazines.

Key Features & Design highlights:

  • Open-top design: no covers, flaps, or bungees to restrict extraction and insertion of magazine.

  • Low profile: simple and neat, just like a layer of skin over the magazine without added bulk.

  • Immediate unrestricted access: a true open-top design with a low cut pouch body. Exposes enough of the magazine body to gain a good grip on the magazine, yet retain it securely.

  • Triple retention: three types of passive retention are employed to prevent the magazine from falling out accidentally.

    1) There is a 1.5” wide elastic sewn around the outside of the 308 IAP, providing the main elastic retention.
    2) The inner surface of the back panel is lined with Hypalon (rubber coated material) which provides frictional retention between the magazine and the back panel.
    3) A thin layer of foam is sandwiched inside the back panel. When the magazine is inserted, the foam is compressed, and pushes back on the magazine, providing additional frictional retention.

    These three features work together, allowing immediate extraction of a magazine while well retaining a fully loaded magazine under most conditions.

  • PALS / MOLLE / ALICE compatible: by MALICE Clips (long or short clips, not included).
  • Full size mounting platform: The 308 IAP features a HDPE stiffening sheet, full size mounting platform at the back (6” tall x 3.25” wide; 5 rows of PALS) which accepts both long (6”) and short (3”) MALICE clips making “multi-level mounting” possible (see below).
  • Multi-level mounting (MOLLE surface or Belt): Most low cut mag pouches have a very short body. When mounted them on a belt or the sides of the body armor, the magazine can be too high, making it awkward to extract. To solve the problem, the 308 IAP has a full size mounting platform. The user can mount the 308 IAP at different heights (high, medium, low) to suit his preference and style. Short Malice clips can be mounted at three different levels (if you're mounting to a MOLLE surface), or four (if you're mounting to a 2" wide belt).
  • One-handed insertion: The opening of the 308 IAP is stiffened with a HDPE ring / insert, and it stays open all the time. The user can easily insert a magazine with one hand.
  • Protection from the sharp edge of the M14 Mags: Additional thread tacking is added at the corners of the opening to resist any wear caused by the sharp edges of the M14 mag.
  • Drainage: A metal grommet is located at the bottom of the pouch for sand or water to escape.
  • Magazine compatibility: The 308 IAP fits FN FAL, M14 / M1A, Magpul PMAG 20LR, SCAR 17 (heavy), KAC SR-25 and other similar magazines. It will not fit HK91 magazines.
  • Mil-spec materials: IAP is built from 1000 denier mil-spec Cordura nylon and mil-spec material; with Emdom’s excellent workmanship.

    It is available in Multicam, Sewer Green, Coyote, and Black. Backed with Emdom’s lifetime warranty. For set up and usage, please visit MM's 308 308 IAP Writeup at www.militarymorons.com.

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