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Emdom-MM TNT Gym Bag
Emdom-MM TNT Gym Bag
Emdom-MM TNT Gym Bag

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Emdom-MM TNT Gym Bag

The TNT (Tactical Non-Tactical) GYM (GreY Man) Bag is Emdom's latest collaboration with militarymorons.com. The TNT GYM Bag is an innovative, "truly covert" weapon / equipment carrying case that allows users to transport an AR-15/ M4 rifle and equipment, or up to two carbines unnoticed. Continuing the same philosophy of our TNT Bag, the TNT GYM Bag is designed to have a non-tactical appearance which conceals its tactical features inside.

Key Features / Design highlights:
a) High degree of covertness.
b) Compact in length
c) Discreet color scheme.
d) Smart storage.
e) Portability and structural support during transportation.
f) Durable construction and protection for the weapon.
g) Multi-purpose.

There is sometimes a need for a weapon carrying case that is common looking, generic, and non-specific such that it draws no attention, and gives no clues as to its contents. We dont want to attract attention with an oversized backpack, a super long carrying case, or any shape-specific cases (e.g. music instrument cases). All these carrying cases draw attention, and can create conflict between the users appearance or the environment (e.g. you dont look like a musician, or why you carrying a snow board in Hawaii ?).

Through careful observation and research, we decided to make our case look like a common gym/travel bag/duffel. These bags are usually medium sized (slightly bigger than an urban backpack), with either a shoulder strap or carry handles. You can see them just everywhere all over the world, e.g. in the airport, hotel, gym, beach, parks, street or school. Just about everyone is familiar with the design; it really gives no clues about the contents, the users identity, intention, or his destination.

Compact Length (Breakdown design, and Length illusion):
We adopted a breakdown storage method (the upper and lower receiver are separated) for reasons of compactness, portability, and covertness. Long cases can draw attention, and have problems with regard to storage, portability and access in tight environments. Another advantage of the breakdown design is that it is less recognizable as a rifle case.

The illusion of compact length is the secret of the GYM Bag. At first glance, most people would not think that the GYM Bag can fit a carbine, even in the break down mode. It is because the length of an upper is around 24-25, and the main body of the GYM Bag is only 22 long. The secret of the GYM Bag is its expandable partitions at each end of the main compartment where its contents can expand into the side pockets unnoticed from outside, adding an additional 4 inches length to the main compartment. Since the partitions expand both ways (inwards and outwards), the end pockets can also hold bulkier items than they would appear to. The illusion of a shorter bag works well as people dont realize the entire bag is used to store the rifle upper; and that the main compartment and side pockets are not separate entities.

Discrete color scheme:
The GYM Bag is available in two models / color combinations: The Urban GYM Bag, and the BFE GYM Bag.

The Urban GYM Bag has a black body with SDU Grey top panels and end pockets. The interior is foliage green. This smart color combination is very universal, discreet and very practical in urban environments. By changing the color of the main body and the side pockets, it furthers the illusion of the main compartment being short (see pictures).

The BFE GYM Bag is all coyoteish, suitable for more natural / outdoor environments, such as desert or arid regions. The BFE GYM Bag just looks like a medium sized storage / gear bag. We also replace the metal zipper pulls of the front pocket and side pockets to cord zipper pulls for noise reduction. The main compartment zipper pulls remain metal to allow them to be locked.

Smart storage:
The GYM Bag has a main storage compartment (22 x 10 x 8), two side pockets (7 x 8 x 2), and one small flat front pocket (11 x 8). As discussed above, the main compartment and two side pockets can expand into each other, and store larger items than would visually appear.

Inside the main compartment of the GYM Bag is a detachable internal divider (25 x 8). The divider is a top-opening zippered padded pocket that accommodates a standard AR15 lower receiver. If a lower receiver has a bulky or longer grip, it can be stored outside the divider, separated from the upper. The divider has Velcro at the bottom and ends which attach to the loop Velcro surface inside the main compartment. Users can position the divider according to their preference or the items they carried. The top of the GYM Bag has a compression strap with a quick release buckle. Although the GYM Bag seems compact, it can actually hold a lot of stuff. Below is an example of items that can fit into the GYM Bag:

  • Any upper or rifle up to 26.5" in overall length.
  • Up to an 18" barreled upper (as long as it doesn't exceed the 26.5" OAL)
  • One carbine plus gear
  • Two uppers, one lower
  • Two uppers and two lowers (with additional divider)
  • Helmet, compact chest rig, soft armor, and pouches (with divider removed)
  • Durable construction and Protection: The GYM Bag is a structured duffel built from 1000 D Cordura nylon externally, 500 D Cordura internally, YKK zippers, mil-spec webbing and mil-spec Velcro. Stress areas are bartacked / reinforced, and internal edges are seam taped. Both the internal divider and the bag (bottom, side, ends) are padded with closed cell foam for protection of the contents, providing the structural framework of the bag, and finally reducing printing from the pointed components of the firearm (e.g. the barrel, scope and sights). A structurally stable / non floppy bag is vital for staying covert.

The GYM Bag is compact and portable. It has built-in carry straps at the top, and a removable shoulder strap. Both straps are set up in a way that they support the load and structure of bag while carrying.

The carry straps are long enough for both hand carry and shoulder carry. The carry straps extend and wrap completely under the bag to provide structural / load support during hand carry.

The 2 wide removable shoulder strap has a removable shoulder pad that is lined with a non-slip rubber layer, and a sweat-wicking Drilex layer for comfort and long hours of use. The shoulder strap attaches at the D-rings located at the top ends of the GYM Bag.

There is another secret under these D-rings. Under each D-ring, inside the main compartment, is a vertical length of webbing sewn from the top to the bottom. These two vertical webs transfers the lifting forces from the shoulder strap down to the bottom of the bag, providing structural / load support during shoulder strap carry.

As you can imagine, the use of the TNT GYM Bag is not limited to a firearm transportation case. It can be used as a medium sized gear / travel / overnight / sport / beach / school bag. It is certainly a better investment than a single-purpose discrete weapon case or a floppy fabric-only duffel.

GYM Bag is now available in two versions: Urban GYM Bag (Black-Grey), and BFE GYM Bag (Coyoteish). Backed by Emdom's lifetime warranty.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Trunk Monkey Bag February 8, 2013
Reviewer: Kurt from Central VA, United States of America  
Perfect bag for discreet carry of gear. Use a 14.5 inch barreled upper if you want to deploy a little quicker vs a 16inch. With a 16" you have to stretch the bag to get the upper out,  muzzle end first is easier. (could not imagine trying to do so with a Phantom or other toothed device).  Zippered pouch is a tight fit with a Vltor/Crane storage style stocks and rubber buttpad . Both end pouches are full wrap around zipper, so it would be easy to modify them to have quick access pouches mounted inside also. Great bag for "quiet" transport or situations that you know you will have a secured spot to deploy the rifle from.  Thinking about modifying the bag to add a simple full length slot pouch on one side with a  velcro closure.  I had my Mother-in-Law look at the bag and she thought it was a bit big for a true gym bag, but way more covert and usable than the traditional rifle case. (I had an Eagle Discreet LE case next to it ) My bag (rx 2/4/2013) was Made in Hong Kong, P.R.C.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
TNT Gym Bag January 18, 2013
Reviewer: seb5 from AR. United States  
I found the bag perfect for 1 or 2 broken down carbines with room for everything needed for the range afternoon.  However it is at its best when used with one carbine and its support equipment.  This is much lower profile than a standard covert type bag with the color and lack of PALS.  With 4 magazine in either a bandoleer or lightweight chest rig inside it has everything you need if you're looking for a lower profile weapons case.

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  1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
perfect for me December 5, 2012
Reviewer: Wade Hutchens from Draper, VA United States  
Wanted an everyday bag with some bugout features. I like the end pouches, not net pockets,  will fit firearm if needed, Emdom quality. handle straps long, can fit jacket/gear under them, strap down. nice if it had some Molle points inside but no biggie. Like the hard bottom. good size, just right...like removable rifle/gear pouch.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Gym bag that's more than meets the eye November 26, 2012
Reviewer: Rouel Guiang from Edison, NJ United States  
It's a great bag for bringing a rifle without catching unwanted attention. The weapon doesn't print at all. 16-barrells fit perfectly.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Great AK Bag July 24, 2012
Reviewer: Raymond Morris from Conroe, TX United States  
I have an AK with sidefolder and it fits perfect!

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