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LaRue Flashlight Mount LaRue Offset Flashlight Mount (LT606)
List Price: $135.00
Our Price: $135.00

LaRue Inline Flashlight Mount LaRue Inline Flashlight Mount (LT707)
List Price: $124.00
Our Price: $124.00


LaRue Tactical

What is love? Looking at the mount that unites your chosen high-quality combat-proven optic to the carefully selected platform that has delivered thousands of rounds downrange without a hiccup, and realizing that there is no other mount that measures up to the one you have from LaRue Tactical. Be it for your Aimpoint, EOTech, ACOG or other high quality optic scope... Be it purchased out of your own pocket, or issued by Uncle Sugar... Be it bought online or "borrowed" from a friend... If it's LaRue Tactical- YOU KNOW YOU ARE GOOD TO GO.

The same quality and engineering that goes into world-class LaRue Tactical mounts is found on all of LaRue's Handguards, which have set the standard by which other free-float handguards are judged. Their Stealth Billet Uppers are the basis for some of the most accurate AR15s in the world. Accessories such as the LaRue BUIS and LaRue FUG can be found on guns that are run by Champion competitors to Special Operation warriors on the front lines of today's fight. Every generation has an "IT" brand that dominates their niche in quality, and for this generation, that brand is LaRue Tactical.