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PIG Plate Carrier

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PIG Plate Carrier

SKD is proud to introduce the Patrol Incident Gear Plate Carrier (PIG-PC). This project was over two years in the making, and has gone through a ground-up metamorphosis into the most versatile plate carrier on the market. Based on feedback from our pre-production model, we threw out the drawing board and went to work directly from the list of functional attributes that we wanted to feature. As with all P.I.G. products, function is the engine that drives each project through completion.

The PIG-PC is a lightweight plate carrier system that allows the user to configure the kit to work optimally with their mission profile. It offers some of the most unique features available on a plate carrier today, making the PIG-PC the most versatile model on the market.

  • Hybrid Construction - utilizing 500 Denier Cordura and lightweight Pack Nylon in different areas according to abrasion exposure to minimize weight- an industry first.
  • Adjustable Plate Harness - this feature allows the wearer to use any plate from size S-XL without having the plate bottom out in the plate compartment. The plate harness will hold the plate in place at the very top of the plate pocket no matter what the size is. Internal velcro stabilizers center the plate left and right- another industry first.

  • Rear Padding System - the rear plate carrier features two vertical back pads that keep contact off of your spine and creates an air-flow channel to aid in increased ventilation. These vertical pads flow into the integral padded shoulder straps, creating a continuous shock-absorbing feature that is extremely comfortable for extended use- another industry first.

  • Elevated Plate Profile - most plate carriers on the market tend to carry the plate extremely low in relation to the most vital organs and vessels in the upper-thoracic region they are meant to protect. The PIG-PC allows the top of the rear plate to sit ABOVE the connection point to the shoulder straps. This allows both front and rear plates to be optimally positioned without sacrificing comfort- another industry first.
  • Multiple Cummerbunds - Now you can get all the features you want, or just those you need with regards to the cummerbund. With 2 cummerbund options and 2 side plate carrier options, you have 4 different variants of cummerbund configurations to select from- another industry first.

  • Scalable Side Plate Pockets - Now you can use 6"x 8" side plates as well as 6"x 6" models with the extended retention strap feature on both of our Side Plate Pocket models- another industry first.

  • Dedicated Plate-backer Pockets - Each PIG-PC ships with a custom cut foam panel that sits inside a dedicated pocket to increase comfort for the wearer. You can access and replace this panel with a soft armor insert (available Summer 2010) without having to touch your plates and visa-versa. This makes plus-ing up or scaling down a much simpler operation- another industry first.
  • G-Hook Applications - The ITW G-Hook is one of the most versatile pieces of hardware available to the tactical market today. We use it for our primary shoulder strap attachment mechanism, which allows the user to replace hardware in the field and select between a side release buckle or a metal D-ring assembly. The PIG-PC Single Point Sling (available Spring 2010) will also attach via a G-Hook into the pre-positioned attachment points on the padded shoulder strap. The PIG-PC Load Integration Kit also used G-Hooks to seamlessly integrate the popular Eagle Yote pack to the PIG-PC- another industry first (more packs available Fall 2010).
  • Semi-Rigid Drag Handle - the tubular nylon drag handle houses a length of plastic tubing to increase surface area and comfort when gripping.

  • Split Cummerbund Retention Flaps - by splitting the cummerbund flaps, the user is able to keep one side attached at all times through repeated don/doff cycles. The flaps outer corners are retained by snap tabs that come up from underneath to keep the corner retained- a vestige of a military special operations plate carrier by Eagle Industries. Each flap includes a kangaroo pouch for hasty item storage or integration of dedicated flap pouches.

  • Front & Back Velcro PALS - now you don't have to settle for either just a velcro panel, or PALS without velcro. Both front and back plate compartments have velcro-covered PALS webbing that lets the user configure the Plate Carrier with ID patches or modular pouches as necessary.

Ordering Instructions

To order a functional PIG-PC system, at a minimum you must select 1 x PIG-PC Chassis and 1 x PIG-PC Cummerbund. This Ala Carte system allows the user to custom configure their carrier for their specific mission straight from the vendor. Want a Low-Profile configuration with slick sides? Select the PIG-PC Chassis with PIG-PC-CBE (Elastic Cummerbund). Want to maximize load capability and side armor? Choose the PIG-PC Chassis with PIG-PC-CBM (Molle Cummerbund) and PIG-PC-SPC-CBM (Side Plate Carrier, Molle Cummerbund). Options are as follows:
  • PIG-PC-CBE / Elastic Cummerbund - A simple 4" wide elastic cummerbund attaches via velcro to the rear cummerbund channel on the PIG-PC Chassis. When configured, user should affix the cummerbund on the bottom-most 4 inches of the rear cummerbund channel, and correspondingly secure the front of the cummerbund at the bottom-most 4 inches under the front cummerbund flaps.

  • PIG-PC-CBM / Molle Cummerbund - Offering 10 columns and 3 rows of PALS webbing on each side, this cummerbund allows for a host of modular mounting options. Adjustments to the shock cord can be made through an adjustment slot in the rear cummerbund channel of the PIG-PC Chassis. The paracord pull handles aide in removal when doffing. The inside of the cummerbund is lined with loop velcro to incorporate the PIG-PC-SPC-CBM (Side Plate Carrier, Molle Cummerbund) with a grommet for a retention tether. *This item can be used with the Eagle Molle Plate Carrier with Cummerbund.*

  • PIG-PC-SPC-CBE / Side Plate Carrier for Elastic Cummerbund - A rigid plastic backing keeps the plate from sagging on the elastic cummerbund, and maintains a low-snag slick profile. Holds both 6"x 6" and 6" x 8" plates, and can be moved along the cummerbund for user-optimized placement. The leading edge of the plastic backing should remain oriented to the front, to engage with the front cummerbund flaps, but they can be reversed so that the retention strap is facing the deck if the user finds it makes the plate placement more comfortable. The small piece of webbing is for the attachment of the PIG-PC-LIK (Load Integration Kit).

  • PIG-PC-SPC-CBM / Side Plate Carrier for Molle Cummerbund - This velcro pouch offers the user a side plate capability for the PIG-PC-CBM. Due to the large velcro engagement area inside the cummerbund, the user has a host of placement options, fore and aft, as well as by turning the orientation of the pouch. The pouch will hold both 6"x 6" and 6"x 8" side plates with the retention strap oriented up or down. The cord supplied with each PIG-PC-SPC-CBM is for a tether to be tied through the grommet on the cummerbund for additional retention in extreme environments.

  • PIG-PC-LIK / Load Integration Kit - Utilizing the innovative G-Hook from ITW, this kit includes all the necessary hardware to allow for the seamless integration of load and/or hydration systems such as the popular Eagle YOTE (more packs available Fall 2010).

  • PIG-PC-GH-SRB / G-Hook Side Release Buckle Kit (2) - Each PIG-PC-Chassis includes this item as a primary attachment for front and back plate carriers. This kit provides 2 additional assemblies to use as field replacements, or to attach additional accessories to the array of G-Hook anchors on the PIG-PC padded shoulder straps.

  • PIG-PC-GH-DD / G-Hook Double D-Ring Kit (2) - This double ring assembly allows the user to replace a G-Hook Side Release Buckle assembly on the PIG-PC Chassis to allow for a reduced profile, and very quick strap adjustment.

  • PIG-PC-SS / Stock Stop - Available Spring 2010.

  • PIG-PC-SPS / Single Point Sling - Available Spring 2010.

  • PIG-PC-HC / Hydration Carrier - Available Spring 2010.

  • Made in the U.S.A. by Eagle Industries for Patrol Incident Gear.
If you are one of the few original purchasers of the Pre-production PIG model, please email us with your name, address and order number and we will provide instructions on how to use your discount for the production model.

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