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A Chest Rig that gets me Results February 21, 2012
Reviewer: Stephen Chin from Montego Bay, St James Jamaica  
1 Modular : The chest rig can be equipped with any type of pouches I need depending on the operation.

2 Weight: It well be a pretty light chest rig with no accessories or pouches attached on but once loaded with your gear that's a different story, but it does helps

3 Color: ****ing Excellent, only problem is not all colors are available in stock

4 Comfort: With the H-Harness you can't go wrong very comfortable around the back & shoulders and nothing too close to your neck, the velcro back strap adjustment makes it even better

5 On & Off: The Split Front zipper makes it easy to put on & take off simple

6 Hydration attachment: The Eagle Industries Yote Pack can be attached unto the chest rig with special straps, problem is SKD nor Eagle sales straps separately go on EBAY

7 Quality: High quality material made in Dominica, only problem not made in USA

8 Price: Well worth it

9 Result: I ****ing love it :)

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Perfect Chest Rig September 15, 2011
Reviewer: Israeli Counter Terrorism  
Honestly this is the best chest rig I've worn. The H-harness makes for a much more comfortable feel then the alternative x straps. The velcro is much quieter and has elastic straps. Having the zipper will help dramatically when your rig is fully loaded and wearing body armor. Your only sacrificing 1 row of molle for having the zipper, but I feel the trade off is much worth it. This rig will sit a little lower than other chest rigs. NOTE: I have not had the opportunity to use this in an operational setting as of yet.

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Quality Issues August 28, 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Logan Township, NJ United States  
This rig is awesome in the design of the harness and the fact you can attach LBT's hydro carrier to it for no extra straps.

As usual SKD had excellent service.

However the rig is not what I expected from Eagle. I am just a civilian so my demands are not that extreme but when the stitching failed on its second outing I was somewhat let down.

Eagle is fixing it but it just seems like an issue that should not of happened so soon with such little use.

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Excellent chest rig, needs more MOLLE June 30, 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from ND  
Excellent chest rig, well made and can take some abuse.  However because of the front zipper I do not have as much MOLLE webbing as I would like.  Another couple columns on each side would be perfect.

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The (near) perfect multi-use rig June 30, 2011
Reviewer: Alexandre from France  
I was a big fan of the 1961 series from LBT, but always found unappropriate the small utility pouches (not enought space). So I checked the Eagle Multi-Prupose All-Molle Chest Rig.

I it still the same platform I was used to, yet this time I could choose the pouches I wanted. The rig was used in combination with EI 7.62 pouches and Blackhawk utility pouches, but also in support gunner configuration with four SAW pouches from Eagle Industries.

In both configurations, the chest rig was confortable and every pouches was accessible easily. Moreover it fits nice over a body armor and can be combined with an Eagle Yote (yet it needs special straps from an RRV to accomodate both the MPCR-Am and the Yote)

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Eagle multiple purpose all Molle chest rig June 25, 2011
Reviewer: William Smith III from Texarkana, TX United States  
Super lightweight piece of kit! The comm tubes worked great by keeping the wires to my headset out of the way and the ease of the zipper in the front made putting it on even when loaded out a breeze. I'm a medium sized guy and there was plenty of adjustment to go bigger or smaller. The map pockets work great for holding or stashing gear when you are in a hurry (even my pistol a couple of times). I have really put this kit through it's paces and the zipper held up great.

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Great light rig January 25, 2010
Reviewer: Sean from PA United States  
I found this rig to be a steal for the money, extremely light and well layed out.  Great feature is the interior pockets are lined with velcro and a couple elastic loops for extra storage beyond the map pockets which it also has.  My only negative comment is the zipper feels very flimsy compared to other zippers used by HSGI or ESSTAC products

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