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TacRack - for Glock - Punisher
TacRack - Glock

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TacRack - for Glock

TacRack replaces the existing the “Rear Slide End Cap” original part on Semi-Auto striker fire guns and makes racking the slide, reloading, or clearing malfunctions easier with either one or two hands.

  • 6061(Aircraft) Aluminum
  • Black Hard Anodize Type3 matte finish coating—same used on AR pieces
  • The wing (or blade) sticks out .145” beyond the side of gun.
  • Blade is .145” with a .040” step with a 45 degree angle for grabbing material
  • Replaces the plastic “slide rear end cap” on current striker fired guns- M&P and Glock
Models Available: All Models of Glock (except G42)
  • Smith and Wesson Pro-Series, Full Size and Compact model guns
  • Laser Engraving available upon request
    o American Flag
    o Punisher Logo
    o Don’t tread on Me
1. Assisting in clearing malfunctions with two hands and/or one hand.
2. Increases a positive grip on slide, with the use of the ears, to help with the motion of "racking the slide" or “locking the slide to the rear.” This is be extremely helpful to people with weaker hand strength, injuries suffered or even disabilities. The extra ears for gripping and racking will take less pressure to actually squeeze or grip the gun to rack the slide. This device will benefit full and compact size weapons.
3. With the introduction of slide mounted optics on handguns, this device will assist with racking the slide, locking the slide to the rear and/or clearing malfunctions WITHOUT having to touch the red dot. This will ensure the dependability of the "zero" on the sight.
4. The device will cater to both right and left hand shooters.
5. The device will increase safety when reloading or clearing malfunctions with one hand, by allowing the user to point the gun away from the body during these manipulations. You can hook the ears on an object to rack the slide and get the gun functioning again. For example, belt loop, holster, or doorframe. This will keep from having to use the rear sight.
6. If the slide of the gun has a foreign or slick substance on it, or you have gloves on, it gives the shooter something to grab to rack the slide.
7. Police or military using ballistic shields have to hold the shield with one and gun in the other. If there is a gun malfunction or must perform a reload, the officer can use the device on the edge of the shield to get the gun functioning.
8. People who provide Personal Security, can use the device in assisting with reloads and malfunctions with one hand, as they will have control of a VIP with the other hand.

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