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SKD Patch Attack
SKD Patch Attack

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Product Code: SKD.722

Over the years, SKD's patch game has been growing to the point where we now have 15 different morale patches available. For those of you out there who absolutely love patches (you know who you are), we've now made it easy to get the full sampling of SKD original morale patches at a considerable discount. The retail value of this package is $77.55, but our special price is $39.99. This package only contains the exact patches and colors depicted below- there are no substitutions in patch style or color.

15 SKD Exclusive Patches
SKD Molon Labia Patch - Arid
SKD Copulate Patch - Swat Black
SKD Pussy Wagon Patch - Full Color
SKD Ebola Virus Patch - Arid - Ebola Neg
SKD Hello My IG Name Is
SKD Faceb**k Shocker Patch - Blue/White
SKD Gonoherpasyphilaids Patch - Black / Grey NEG
SKD Yolo Meter Patch - Full Color
SKD Yolo Patch - Arid
SKD Fade Into Bolivian Patch - Swat Black
SKD Benghazi Patch - Red
SKD Strike Hard Cobra Kai Patch - Arid
SKD Come At Me Bro Patch - Arid
PIG Logo Patch
SKD Sleazy Button Patch - Arid

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