(03/24/2020 Update)

Due to the nationwide COVID-19 situation, we are temporarily adjusting our Body Armor Sales Policy for anyone that is NOT LE/Mil, First Responder or DOD/DOS Contractors.

If you are a Law Abiding US Citizen over the age of 21, with no criminal or mental health history,
living in an area affected by a Stay at Home Order or Quarantine, please provide the following:

1. A copy of a valid State-issued Driver's License
2. A copy of a valid Concealed Weapons Carry Permit (IL FOID acceptable), or other proof of a criminal background check has been conducted within the 12 months.
3. Original Signed End-User Affidavit (Notary requirement waived, download pdf below)

(08/02/2016 Update)

SKD treats all sales of Body Armor with caution, discretion and a sense of civic duty and responsibility. While we recognize and embrace the rights of law-abiding citizens to be able to protect themselves, we also understand that Body Armor can be used to further unlawful acts. As law-abiding members of our society, we trust that you will also find it prudent that we require reasonable assurances that the right people have access to these products, while the wrong people do not.


1. Law Abiding US Citizens over the age of 21, with no criminal or mental health history. The following must be provided:

A copy of a valid State-issued Driver's License, and

A copy of a valid Concealed Weapons Carry Permit (IL FOID acceptable), or Original Criminal Background Check letter from your local Police Department (download pdf below), and

Original Signed & Notarized End-User Affidavit (download pdf below)

2. Active Duty US Law Enforcement and Active Duty US Military personnel. A photograph of a valid LE or Military ID must be submitted. Alternatively, you may submit a memorandum on branch/agency letterhead signed by an authorized official in your CoC affirming that you are Active Duty Law Enforcement or Active Duty Military and a copy of a valid State-issued Driver's License.

3. Active US Firefighter and certified EMT professional. Firefighters must submit a photograph of a valid Firefighter ID. EMT or Paramedics must submit a photograph of both their State Certification ID and National Registry card.

4. DOD/DOS Contractors with a current Letter of Authority for use of firearms. A photograph of your DOD/DOS Contractor ID and LOA must be submitted. Body Armor Sales will be processed for the duration of your LOA.

All identification must be submitted in a clearly legible format- an emailed photograph is preferred. Please send email to with subject line "BODY ARMOR ID". If using a fax, send a lightened copy to (636) 257-2940.

For End-User Affidavit and Criminal Background Check Letters, ORIGINALS must be mailed in and received before your order can be shipped.

Mail all original documents to:

SKD B/A Dept.
PO Box 25
Pacific, MO 63069

If you are unable to provide all the required documents for your purchasing category, please do not order any Body Armor items as your sale will not be processed. Substitutions to the required documents are not accepted.

If you live in the state of Connecticut we cannot sell you Body Armor unless you are Active Law Enforcement or Military. All individual Body Armor sales must ship to legitimate US addresses that match the addresses on your State-issued ID. We cannot ship Body Armor to APO or International addresses. SKD reserves the right to deny the sale of Body Armor to any individual for any reason.

Thank you for your cooperation & understanding,

Your friends at SKD

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End-User Affidavit

Criminal Background Check Template